Opinion versus Science

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We don’t always know everything there is to know about subject.

In fact, we rarely know most of a subject. There are few among us, relatively, who have mastered an entire body of knowledge to speak both extemporaneously and eloquently about it.

Therefore, most of us might be better off going into any discussion with the idea that there is more to learn.

We don’t do this on social media. Ha. We are nowhere near this critical in our thinking on social media (as an aside, also, we would do well to remember that critical thinking does…

It is quite schoolyardish to yell in defense, “they started it!” But here we are.

To be sure, we might not be able to pinpoint the exact start of the current broad political polarization in the United States, or even which party started to politicize the Supreme Court, but the current GOP could go a long way to de-escalating and healing these divisions by waiting on a SCOTUS confirmation until after the election or, in the case of a Biden win, after his inauguration.

Reason One: The Republicans blocked President Obama’s SCOTUS pick, Merrick Garland, even though it was nine…

In a recent Axios interview, journalist Jonathan Swan sat down with the President. Because of Mr. Trump’s preferred rhetorical devices, it is difficult to grab onto anything with which to craft an effective response. Here is an attempt to classify some of his rhetorical tools and to identify ways to successfully counter this type of talk:

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The Positive Thinker

In the interview, Swan begins by asking Mr. Trump about his “adherence to a philosophy of positive thinking”. Mr. Trump agrees to this characterization, though stipulates that he also looks at the downsides of situations. …

Brian Chevalier

A freelance writer based in the Northeast. MA in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation w/specialization in Monitoring and Evaluation. BA in Social Science.

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